Douce Mountain Farm

Douce Mountain Farm with a breathtaking view down the valley of the Ouvane River to Bantry Bay and the Sheepshead Peninsula – merging the clarity of the mountains with the vastness of the sea.

Douce Mountain Farm with meditative silence and invigorating walks among the hills of West Cork and along the wild coastline at the edge of Europe.

Douce Mountain Farm

…  in contact with yourself in untamed nature and with others of a kindred spirit.

… in a powerful landscape with ancient sacred stone monuments – and the pulsating life of a people   renowned for their warmth, kindness and good humour.

Douce Mountain Farm has its own guest house and offers Zen Meditatin Retreats.

Douce Mountain Farm offers the possibility for you and your group to run courses or for your family to have an  inspiring holiday.

Douce Mountain Farm is in West Cork, Ireland.

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