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Breathe Easy

A relaxing week in the garden, on the farm and in the landscapes of West Cork

We start the day with some easy, relaxing stretches. After a healthy, nourishing breakfast we spend the mornings on the farm and in the garden, engaging in relaxing and rewarding activities like baking bread and making cheeses from fresh hand-milked goats milk, preparing our own individual tea mixtures with fresh herbs straight the garden and other gratifying land and nature based activities. Short guided outdoors meditations connect us with soil, plants and animals.

After a hearty lunch, prepared together, from ingredients, picked fresh from the garden, we will continue our day by exploring the mountains, the coast and some of the enigmatic prehistoric stone monuments in the area.

The evenings can be spent by the fire or learning and practising Irish set dancing.


with Renate and Gerd Neubeck

August 6 – 13

The courses below could be organized for groups of 8:

Among us.
A week for MEN only

with Gerd Neubeck

Walking and meditation will be an essential part of the week. Immersing ourselves in the power of nature and engaging with challenging landscapes, here in West Cork, we want to explore how we function in this world.

By experiencing other perspectives and ways of life, we hope to get hints and ideas as to where our own personal journey might lead us.

In a circle of men we want to find inspiration for our own lives.
Can be arranged for groups of 8.


Walking & Meditation/Quiet Days at the end of the year

A relaxing time around the end of the year with meditation, sitting at the fire, drinking tea and going for walks in the mountains and at the sea if the weather permits.

Only self catering

Irish Nature – English Language
is a language course for adult learners with a basic knowledge of English who would like to improve their language skills in a mixture of formal teaching and practising during excursions.

Not available in 2023
Please contact us for details and prices.

For groups of 6 or more special dates could be arranged.

Walks and excursions in West Cork
is a combination of walks and excursions to explore the southwestern corner of Ireland. The little island in Gougane Barra lake where St. Finbar set up his hermitage in the 6th century could be on the agenda as well as the Irish spoken island Cape Clear in Roaringwater Bay with its dozens of other small islands or the magic Skellig Michael with its ancient religious dwellings off the Kerry coast. We will walk up Douce Mountain and watch out for whales at the very tip of the Sheepshead peninsula.

Could be booked for groups of 6 or more. Please contact us for details.

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