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Mindful Gardening – Joyful Cooking

Renate has been involved in organic farming for more than 30 years. For the past 23 years she has been growing almost all the vegetables to feed family and guests. Alongside this she keeps milksheep, goats, poultry, horses, cattle, dogs and cats. From sowing the seeds on the propagation table to harvesting, creating and presenting a rich dinner on the table, she accompanies all the steps with loving care.

During this course she would love to share her experiences and skills acquired living so close to nature with you. “We will be gardening, cooking, baking, hopefully with a few laughs along the way. We will learn how to turn sheepsmilk and goatsmilk into delicious cheeses and yoghurts. The fruits of our morning’s work will form part of a colourful dinner which we will plan and prepare together. The aim of this course is to rediscover our own creativity in working with nature and its produce, maybe even learning to listen a little more to our surroundings.

During the afternoons we will have the opportunity to visit different gardens, again aiming to observe in a more attentive way and gain creative inspirations in our own gardening and cooking. In the evenings (after our beautiful meal) we can relax at the fireplace, and if so desired make our own candles, knit, read, talk and share our ecperiences.”

August 12-19  2019

Among us.
A week for MEN only

with Gerd Neubeck

Walking and meditation will be an essential part of the week. Immersing ourselves in the power of nature and engaging with challenging landscapes, here in West Cork, we want to explore how we function in this world.

By experiencing other perspectives and ways of life, we hope to get hints and ideas as to where our own personal journey might lead us.

In a circle of men we want to find inspiration for our own lives.
June 23-30

Walking & Meditation/Quiet Days at the end of the year

A relaxing time around the end of the year with meditation, sitting at the fire, drinking tea and going for walks in the mountains and at the sea if the weather permits.

December 28-January 4 2020

Irish Nature – English Language
is a language course for adult learners with a basic knowledge of English who would like to improve their language skills in a mixture of formal teaching and practising during excursions.

Not available in 2019
Please contact us for details and prices.

For groups of 6 or more special dates could be arranged.

Walks and excursions in West Cork
is a combination of walks and excursions to explore the southwestern corner of Ireland. The little island in Gougane Barra lake where St. Finbar set up his hermitage in the 6th century could be on the agenda as well as the Irish spoken island Cape Clear in Roaringwater Bay with its dozens of other small islands or the magic Skellig Michael with its ancient religious dwellings off the Kerry coast. We will walk up Douce Mountain and watch out for whales at the very tip of the Sheepshead peninsula.

Could be booked for groups of 6 or more. Please contact us for details.

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