The basic practice in Zen is Zazen, seated meditation:

– we sit in an upright and relaxed posture
– we concentrate on our breathing
– when we become distracted we let go of whatever took our attention away
   and bring our focus back to the breath
– we watch our life as it unfolds from moment to moment
– and we do not interfere

And why would we?

Zen is not a religion even though it has its origins in Buddhism. Zen does not want to improve our situation. The only thing we are doing is giving ourselves completely to the experience of the moment, whatever it reveals. And we always remain with what is happening:
when we sit we sit,
when we walk we walk,
when we eat we eat,
when we work we work.

Zen is as simple as this.

Zen Meditation
with Gerd Neubeck, teacher in the Zen lineage Willigis Jäger/Kyo-Un Roshi (www.willigis-jaeger.de)

Meditation days for the experienced and/or introduction to Zen Meditation can be arranged for groups or individuals here on Douce Mountain Farm or elsewhere.

Dates and prices for 2021:

Zen Walking Sesshin

Silent retreat for those who seriously practise meditation. An introduction to Zen meditation with an authorized Zen teacher is essential before attending a sesshin. We will spend several hours outdoors each day and do long walks, weather permitting. Mornings and evenings we will practice Zazen in the meditation room for several hours. There will be a talk most days and the opportunity for dokusan (one-on-one interview)  every day. Full attendace requires a good level of fitness, sturdy walking boots and waterproof clothes.

April 22 – 27
September 30
– October 5


Walking and Meditation

The guided walks through the mountains and along the coast in a quiet landscape of touching beauty can lead to an inner stillness that enables us to truly experience nature in its abundance. We will visit local prehistoric stone monuments, enigmatic symbols from a time long lost. The little island where St.Finbar set up his hermitage could be the final point of a walk on the towering hills above Gougane Barra National Park. We will ramble on ancient bog roads through the deserted blanket bogs of West Cork and roam the tracks along the wild coast of the Sheepshead Peninsula.
While we walk we can open ourselves to the landscape, the wind and the weather and in this way experience the full depth of nature and discover the stillness within ourselves. In the mornings and evenings we will practice “Sitting in Silence” in the style of Zazen.

August 22 – 29

Meditation Evenings
During the winter on Sunday evenings, starting at 7.30pm, we practice sitting and walking meditation in the style of Zen until 9.30 pm. This is suitable for the experienced. However, beginners are invited to an introduction beforehand.
no fees 

s a “come together for meditation”. It is a silent retreat day. The evening before or the early morning is suitable for beginners who could deepen their first experiences with Zazen during the Zazenkai, following a reduced schedule.
Can be arranged for groups here and elsewhere.

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