Dates and Prices 2020

Walking and Meditation
with Gerd and Renate Neubeck
The guided walks through the mountains and along the coast in a quiet landscape of touching beauty can lead to an inner stillness, that enables us to truly experience nature in its abundance. We will visit local prehistoric stone monuments, enigmatic symbols from a time long lost. The little island where St.Finbar set up his hermitage could be the final point of a walk on the towering hills above Gougane Barra National Park. We will ramble on ancient bog roads through the deserted blanket bogs of West Cork and roam the tracks along the wild coast of the Sheepshead Peninsula.

While we walk we can open ourselves to the landscape, the wind and the weather and in this way experience the full depth of nature and discover the stillness within ourselves. In the mornings and evenings we will practice “Sitting in Silence” in the style of Zazen.
Easter at Douce Mountain Farm more than the other dates will put an emphasis on exercises that might help us to connect better with nature and the landscape around us. We want to practice to look that bit closer in order to be respectful with our environment. During our walks and excursions we might incorporate longer periods of silence to be able to listen to what nature might have to tell us.

July 22 – 29
August 10 – 17
August 20 – 27


The Way of Qigong

Rosaleen Doyle invites you to gentle and mindful movements and meditative postures. Qigong is the meditative bedrock of Taiji. Please contact Rosaleen for details: 00353/1/2893420

Apri 30 – May 4

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